ShareBar Beta Users Give Response Testimonials

Here are a few of the testimonials from the beta-users of ShareBar.

“I’ve already been recommended to the Arkansas University by four friends of mine, including a former alumni.” – Mike Trenton, Alabama

“I received great career information including the Burger King Job Application and the McDonalds Application. I’ve already interviewed at both and been offered a job at both as well, thanks to Sharebar recommendations from other users.” – Alex Newbury, Vermont

“My friend recommended me into Walmart Careers and I have a managerial interview scheduled for next week. In addition, I have had 11 different colleges recommended to me via Sharebar. As a senior in high school it’s helping me a lot with my decision.”  – Tracy Foldman, New Mexico.

“I love ShareBar. I just keep getting so much useful information from it. I have already applied to five colleges and been accepted to three of them.

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