Finding Your Future with the Click of a Button

Getting through High School can be a hellish experience.  Dealing with a hundred different cliques, while trying to keep your grades up and paying off that new car.  And at the end of it all, you have to figure out which college you want to go to and what you’re going to do for the rest of your life.  This is not something you really want to think about when you are just trying to get that cute girl or guy to look your way.  But now there is something new, something simple that can help you figure out college and the future and it’s just one little button.  The “share” button.

Everyone has clicked on Facebook’s “Like” button at some point or another.  It’s a great way to let your friends know what you like or that you like them and anybody who’s anybody has one in their blog or website.  Watching your “likes” increase is just another bit of encouragement to keep doing what you like to do.  The “share” button works a lot like that only it does so much more.  You have your hopes and dreams for the future, becoming a news anchor or a computer programmer, all you have to do is write it down and the “share” button will do the rest.

How does it Work?

It is as simple as visiting their website and creating a profile.  While most profiles want you to feel out a bunch of stuff related to every little piece of your life, all they want is what you are looking for in a college.  Do you have any majors you are interested in?  Do you want to stay in state or get as far away as possible?  Are you more interested in public or private?  What kind of end goal do you think you are looking for?  And several others.

Once you have your profile filled out and registered, we will put the “share” button on any blog, website or profile page that you want.  The more, the better so that it becomes even easier for others to share with you.  With this button anyone who comes to your site who also has a share account can click it, view your profile and send you personal messages, links or advice that can help you narrow down what universities you are thinking about.

Of course, your opinion of the future is going to be changing a lot depending on how your grades are and which classes you find that you hate and which you love.  With just one click you can edit your profile and give ever clearer versions of your plans.

Making Connections

Just like any social network, using the “share” button is about connecting with people who have the same interests, hopes and fears as you.  When planning for college, this can add even more tension.  You can’t just wait for people to click on your button, if you find an interesting article or piece of information about a college course or scholarship opportunity, pass it around to anyone on your share list.

The “share” button is a new and innovative way to figure out what you want to do in the future.  It also helps you discover that you are not alone and that there are others out there who want to help.

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A New Way to Share Your Dreams with One Little Button

Getting through the High School gauntlet is no easy task.  Trying to juggle your social life with your studies and getting your first taste of adulthood with a driver’s license and a car can be overwhelming.  On top of that, many consider these years the most important of your life, because the classes you choose, SAT and test grades directly affect which colleges you can go to.  Your High School career can easily become the cornerstone for your future, but it’s hard to think about it that way when you’ve got so much else going on.  That is why the “share” button was created.

The “share” button is a new revolutionary social networking tool that will help you connect with others that are just trying to find their way through the process of choosing a college and figuring out what they really want to do.  We’ve all used Facebook’s “like” button at some point to show our friend’s that we like their page and a lot of people keep a like button on their own blog.  It is encouraging every time you see the counter go up and it makes you want to do even more.  The “share” button has taken that simple, yet amazing, strategy and pushed it to the next level.

Making the Connection

All it takes is a visit to their website.  Once there, you just need to create a profile that focuses on the kind of college that you want to go to.  Do you prefer technical or state schools?  Would you like to stay in your own state, go national or be really ambitious and go with an international college?  What kind of classes do you like?  What are your extracurricular activities?  And others along that line.  You don’t have to fill out everything, but the more you do the easier it will be to make connections.

Once you’ve filled out everything you feel comfortable with just tell us which of your social pages, profiles and blogs you want the “share” button to be placed on.  If someone clicks your button, they will be able to see your profile and can add you to their share list.  They can also send you messages and links connected with school info that you might find interesting.  When you get back on your site, you will be able to see how many people have shared with you.  By clicking on your own button you can see their profiles and decide whether you want to add them to your share list to get and give future information or not.

The “share” button is also a great way for colleges to actually get in touch with you.  When you finally send in your applications, many schools will check out your online presence.  If you use the “share” button, they can send you further information on their programs and scholarships to help you decide which college is the best choice for you.

The “share” button gives you all the functionality of a normal social network, but focuses it on an area that is important for any teenager.  With this button you can let people know about your hopes, dreams and fears about college and the future and find a few new friends who can help you get where you want to be.

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ShareBar Beta Users Give Response Testimonials

Here are a few of the testimonials from the beta-users of ShareBar.

“I’ve already been recommended to the Arkansas University by four friends of mine, including a former alumni.” – Mike Trenton, Alabama

“I received great career information including the Burger King Job Application and the McDonalds Application. I’ve already interviewed at both and been offered a job at both as well, thanks to Sharebar recommendations from other users.” – Alex Newbury, Vermont

“My friend recommended me into Walmart Careers and I have a managerial interview scheduled for next week. In addition, I have had 11 different colleges recommended to me via Sharebar. As a senior in high school it’s helping me a lot with my decision.”  – Tracy Foldman, New Mexico.

“I love ShareBar. I just keep getting so much useful information from it. I have already applied to five colleges and been accepted to three of them.

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